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        News Information

        Release time:2021-12-31


        Key words:


        TOP 10 Moments of 2021


        The year 2021 marks the centenary of the founding of the party. At the beginning of the centenary, our hearts have been strengthened with time. 2021 is also the opening year of the 14th five year plan. The construction of the industry structure is accelerated. Xinsheng science and technology industry fully grasped the important opportunity of demand recovery and market rebound, vigorously promoted production increase and expansion, connected with domestic and foreign market demand, and showed a good momentum of stable economic development.

        2022 is coming. Opportunities and challenges are presented to us. Looking back on the past, we are unforgettable. Facing the future, we forge ahead.

        Xinsheng technology will continue to focus on customer needs, create customer value, provide global customers with products and services higher than expected, and show our original intention of moving forward.


        Recognized by "special new little giant"

        In January, 2021, as the only enterprise in Zhuji City and the embroidery machine industry, sinism was recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology as a key "little giant" enterprise specialized in special innovation, encouraging enterprises to focus on their main business, focus on market segments, continuously improve their innovation ability, and strive to be the pacesetter of high-quality development and the birthplace of innovation.


        Participate in the formulation of national industrial standards

        In February, 2021, as an important unit participating in the formulation of the national standard terminology of embroidery machines, sinsim participated in the formulation and completed the review of the foreign language version of the national standard gb/t 30420.2-2019 terminology of sewing machines Part 2: Terminology of embroidery machines. 


        Focus on customer needs and accelerate industrial collaborative layout

        Sinsim promotes the collaboration between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, and promotes the industrialization and application of key core technologies and products of the neck. In 2021, the "collaborative innovation project of intelligent high-speed embroidery machine" was recognized as the collaborative innovation project of high-quality manufacturing development industrial chain in Zhejiang Province.

        In december2021, the "R & D and application of multi-agent collaborative control embroidery equipment based on service-oriented extension" in cooperation with Zhejiang University of technology was listed as the first batch of projects in the R & D plan of "top soldiers" and "leading geese" in 2022.


               Grand appearance in the industry exhibition

        As a leader in the embroidery machine industry, at the invitation of the industry association, sinsim carried the industry's cutting-edge embroidery equipment to the South China Sewing Equipment Exhibition in Dawan District, Shenzhen in March and the Shanghai ame garment Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition in May, gradually moving towards the transformation from homogeneity to differentiation, customization and deepening.


        Reach the peak of the industry again

        On July 20, 2021, the summit forum of China's top 100 light industry enterprises with the theme of "striving for the 14th five year plan and leading new consumption" was grandly held in Beijing. Sinsim has lived up to the expectations of the public. Since the establishment of the award, sinsim has been successively ranked among the top 10 in China's embroidery machine industry and the top 50 in China's light industry equipment manufacturing industry.


        Industry experts and leading talents

        With dreams in mind, striving for success, never forgetting the original intention and bravely undertaking the mission, Wang Haijiang, chairman of the company, was appointed as a distinguished expert of Shaoxing City in 2021 after being selected as the leading talent for science and technology entrepreneurship in the 2020 ten thousand talents plan of Zhejiang Province. He created his own value in the struggle, made due contributions to the economic and social development of Shaoxing, and interpreted the vivid picture of "everyone can become a talent and everyone can display their talents" in the new era.


        Win with "quantity" and achieve new heights in invention patents

        In 2021, the company was granted 9 invention patents, and the Shaoxing patent navigation project "computer controlled embroidery machine patent navigation project" (the only one in Zhuji) successfully passed the acceptance. The company's high-speed intelligent computer embroidery machine laboratory was selected as Shaoxing Key Laboratory.


              Government endorsement and expert platform

        In October, 2021, in order to fully display the innovative R & D achievements of modern textile equipment in Zhejiang Province and build a communication bridge between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, a new product recommendation meeting of intelligent embroidery equipment jointly organized by Zhejiang Provincial Commission of economy and information technology and Zhuji municipal government was held in Kaiyuan Hotel, Yaojiang, Zhuji. As the first set of products in key areas of equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province, the sinsim ultra-high speed embroidery machine was specially recommended. More than 100 members of Keqiao chamber of Commerce, industry representatives and government representatives visited Xinsheng after the meeting.


        Expand production and capacity, build a leading enterprise

        In October, 2021, the product exhibition hall of sinsim company with an investment of nearly 5million yuan was officially put into operation. It has successively accepted a number of visiting teams from inside and outside the industry, and received unanimous praise. 

        In December, 2021, the construction period will reach 15 months, and the main building area will reach 26000 square meters. The third plant of Xinsheng technology, which is completely designed and built in accordance with the modern standard plant, will be completed.


        Lean management, new high output value

        Under the vision of building a globally trusted, competitive and influential leading enterprise, with scientific and technological innovation as the guide and talents as the support, sinsim innovates technology, improves services, and actively optimizes and adjusts its internal organizational structure. In 2021, sinsim made great achievements in production and manufacturing, lean management, R & D design and intelligent manufacturing, and its annual production output value hit a new record since the company was founded, The market share is firmly in the forefront of the industry.


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